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From Friends come companionship, from Friends can come jobs and from Friends can come Business income. LocalFreNZ is focused on providing a medium for this in local communities.

We intend to be deliberately business friendly as from these relationships they can bring forward the necessary incomes for others in the changed environment of today and all can benefit from each other

As LocalFreNZ grows, we also see huge benefit in being able to tap into LocalFreNZ Groups when travelling.


Join as a Member, participate in a variety of different Events & Groups in YOUR Community and most importantly have FUN!

We expect Events to be varied and you can pick and choose what interests you in your Local Community.

Once you have joined as a FREE member, then just browse Events which are available in your area. If you have an Event, then contact us and we will add it, plus we will be assigning Members as Contributors to the website who are active in their own local Community! 

Volunteer, Participate,Meet. 



There are plenty of Social Media websites where you can make ONLINE Friends.


We concentrate on REAL Offline Friends, while of course also using the online medium for communication as required!

Choose what interests you like and go for it!

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Lost a Job...No Business, due to Covid 19?
 You may want to look at hand-picked alternatives by clicking HomeBizInternational above and change direction.  With high unemployment coming, you may need to look differently at your income sources in the future.
We have opportunities in each major market for consideration.
Welcome to LocalFreNZ!
LocalFreNZ is **NEW** and is a newly registered accepted Trademark.
You can check out all about us here and see why we are so DIFFERENT to Social Media websites.
We focus on a Local Community and give all members a feeling of belonging by offering a LOW KEY AND INFORMAL and fun method of local community interaction and a Brand with which they can feel a part of and feel comfortable in being a Member. 
We also want to focus on bringing LocalFreNZ members job opportunities and low cost entry methods into businesses which they can operate from home. With the thousands of people who will be losing jobs due to the Pandemic, we see this as a very important sector to assist Local Communities as without employment (or self-employment) local communities suffer.
We are aiming, as we build up, for a wide variety of different Local Groups and Events which will cater for all preferences and will be focused OFFLINE and not online (this area is well catered for already). Membership is totally FREE, although there will be a paid option, for those who see the additional communication or Business benefits.
We will also be looking to make a revenue from Product sales (optional for you) and offering Banner Advertising to local Businesses on relevant pages to cover our costs and time for operating the website. Local Businesses can also use the relevant Groups for marketing themselves in their local community.
The selection of promotional Products will be available at reasonable cost and will aid this sense of belonging to our new Brand and which we believe you will be proud to use. This of course is also a subtle way of us spreading the word about this Local Community opportunity. Products will be varied from quality wristbands to T-Shirts etc.

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Want to be a LocalFreNZ Influencer for FREE and build up members in your area?
Contact us at admin@localfrenz.com to show your interest and tell us more about yourself.

“Sometimes life is too hard to be alone and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”

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LocalFreNZ...thinking locally, developing nationally and long term globally

Email: admin@localfrenz.com

Phone: +64 3 667 1553

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